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AstRecipes»IPMI sensors under Debian

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AstRecipes » IPMI sensors under Debian

Monitoring hardware sensors can be extremely useful for a production server. Recent servers - in my case a quad-code HP ML310 G5 - often adhere to a standard called IPMI for hardware monitoring.

My Debian kernel does not automatically load the required IPMI drivers, though the kernel modules are actually present with the distribuited kernel (in my case a 2.6.18-6-686-bigmem #1 SMP).

In order to make them work, I have to manually load IPMI modules:

modprobe ipmi_si
modprobe ipmi_devintf

They will log on /var/log/messages the fact that they are being loaded. At the end you should get something like:

ml310:~# lsmod | grep ipmi
ipmi_devintf            9320  0
ipmi_si                34572  0
ipmi_msghandler        32288  2 ipmi_devintf,ipmi_si

Userland access tools are available in a standard Debian package called ipmitools

apt-get install ipmitools

Usage is quite easy... see below.

Seeing which sensors are available

ml310:~# ipmitool -I open sdr list
Int. Health LED  | 0 unspecified     | ok
VRM (CPU1)       | 0 unspecified     | cr
CPU Fan          | 60.37 unspecifi | nc
Rear Fan         | 33.32 unspecifi | nc
Temp 1           | 24 degrees C      | ok
Temp 2           | 30 degrees C      | ok
Temp 3           | 19 degrees C      | ok

Getting sensor details

ml310:~# ipmitool -I open sdr get 'Temp 1'
Sensor ID              : Temp 1 (0x5)
 Entity ID             : 7.1 (System Board)
 Sensor Type (Analog)  : Temperature
 Sensor Reading        : 24 (+/- 0) degrees C
 Status                : ok
 Positive Hysteresis   : Unspecified
 Negative Hysteresis   : Unspecified
 Minimum sensor range  : -127.000
 Maximum sensor range  : Unspecified
 Event Message Control : Entire Sensor Only
 Readable Thresholds   :
 Settable Thresholds   : ucr unr
 Threshold Read Mask   : ucr unr

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